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What Brands Can Learn From (President) Donald Trump

Donald Trump

As the newly inaugurated president of the United States, Donald Trump has made a name for himself as a property tycoon and self-made billionaire; respected by many and despised by a large portion of America. Yet, despite his critics, he decided to run for president and won the recent presidential election – making him next in line to lead America into victory.

However, whether you believe he’ll make a good enough president or not, Air Force One will soon be known as Trump Force One for good reason; his brand persona. Fan or not, Donald Trump has built and maintained his brand from the start up and continues to do so wherever he goes. As a businessman and soon-to-be president of the United States, here’s what every business owner can learn about branding from Donald Trump:

1. He’s ever consistent

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has always been consistent with what he’s selling. Whether it’s the real him or a fake version, he’s an ever consistent walking brand on his own; selling wealth, fame, and an uncontrollable urge to be rude, to say the least. However, it’s turned an ordinary hotel into one of the biggest ‘landmarks’ in NYC. Moral of the story, regardless of how you choose to brand your product or service, be consistent.

2. He makes lemonade out of bad hair

Being a public figure all on his own, he’s managed to collect a few haters along the way. Of course, haters tend to pick out the least attractive trait you may own and run with it. In Donald Trump’s case, his hair has seen its fair share of jokes and mockery. Yet, with all the money in the world, he hasn’t changed one thing about it. He made lemonade out of bad hair and people remember him for it.

3. He focuses on what matters most

Although it would very easy for him to market his own hair care product by improving one of the many traits that Donald Trump gets flak for, he chooses not to. He focusses on what matters most; investments that’ll be worth his while. He doesn’t spend time on every single business opportunity that comes his way. He picks out the best ones and turns them into gold, literally.

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4. He extends his foreign interests

As one of the perks of being rich and famous, Donald Trump tends to marry young, foreign women. In business, marrying foreign women won’t get you far, but in this case, broadening your horizons into foreign markets may lead to better opportunities. So take it from Trump, don’t be shy to mix with diversity.

5. He tells it like it is

They say honesty is the best policy, which seems to have worked quite well for Donald Trump. Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to clients. Say it like it is. Let them know where they stand with you. Having an open form of communication and directness between parties allows everyone to be more open in business; possibly allowing potential clients to do business with you over someone who’s sugar coating things a little bit.

As a businessman, Donald Trump has run a successful brand management strategy leading him into the Oval Office. Whether he’ll be respected enough to be called President is yet to be seen, but you can’t deny, if he runs the United States of America the way he runs his businesses, we’ll soon start referring to America as brand of its own.

Photo credit: Caricature by DonkeyHotey

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