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5 Important Questions To Ask a Web Developer

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Thinking of starting a business? In which case, you’d need a website, right? If you are at the stage where you’re searching for a reputable and skilled website developer to bring your vision to life, it’s important to remember that there are certain questions you’d need to ask before hiring the talent.

As easy as it may seem to develop a website, each creative has a different personality and style. You’d need to find someone who’s able to envision your vision and offer suggestions on how to improve your idea even further.

Keep the following questions in mind when hiring a web developer:

1. Why are you a web developer?

You’d be surprised at how many individuals are simply in it for the money, which doesn’t leave much room for passion and creativity. It’s important to figure out why the particular individual is a web developer since you’re going to need someone who won’t do a half decent job in order to get paid. The individual needs to be interested and invested in your project.


2. Are you a freelancer/individual or work as part of a company?

Although this may not affect some individual, there are freelancers who are too busy to take on any more work. – which means that your project may get pushed to the side in order to get other work done. Web developers who work as part of a team may receive help in order to get all the work done. If you are pushing for time and you know for a fact that the freelancer is quite busy, you’d need to think very carefully about whom to hire.


3. What are some of the sites you’ve developed before?

If you’re unable to see a close resemblance to what it is that you’re looking for, you may not be able to get your vision realised. Some web developers are talented enough to make anything happen, but it is beneficial to see examples of their work first, before hiring anyone.

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4. Do you offer support after the site has been built?

You may not think about this at the moment, but you will need ongoing support after your website’s been built – especially when updates are involved. Does the web developer even offer support after the website’s been built? Can you reach them by email or phone? Establish this before starting the build. You don’t want to reach half way only to discover that you won’t be able to receive support after the fact.


5. Are you able to provide references?

Would the web developer be able to provide references to prove that they deliver quality work within the stipulated timeframe? Reputation is everything in this industry and good references are like gold. You can tell a lot about how your working relationship will be by what others are saying about their work.

Hiring a reputable web developer can be just as challenging as building a website, so it’s important to do your research beforehand in order to avoid wasting money and time. Need web design and development for your business? Our team of web developers are easy to work with and highly creative. Contact us.

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