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Top 10 Logo Design Tips To Keep In Mind

Posted on February 23rd, 2017 by Caitlin TerreBlanche

Photo credit: www.freepik.com Forming part of your overall branding objectives, it’s important to have a logo that’s both memorable and unique. After all, your logo is the first thing that’s going to stick; even without adding any wording to the main picture. Whether you have an abundance of resources or you’re tight on a budget, […]

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How To Market Your Business Online

Posted on February 16th, 2017 by Caitlin TerreBlanche

Need to get your name out there but not sure how to go about it for optimum results? At Pixel8, we offer online marketing services to match your business needs. Whether you have a business idea or well on your way to opening shop, or even already on the go, keep the following ways to […]

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4 Simple Ways To Define Your Target Market

Posted on February 9th, 2017 by Caitlin TerreBlanche

Photo credit: www.freepik.com One of the most difficult yet crucial steps to creating successful content that not only resonates your brand’s persona but increases trust in your product or service, is defining your target market which should be at the top of your list. Remember, your target market consists of more than just the person who […]

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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Company Name

Posted on February 1st, 2017 by Caitlin TerreBlanche

Photo credit: www.freepik.com Starting a business is exhilarating! With so many new goals to accomplish, you simply can’t wait to become a success. However, first things first. You need to establish a name for your entity. It needs to be catchy, represent what your company stands for to some degree, and easily pronounceable. Choosing the […]

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How To Build The Ultimate Brand Identity For Your Company

Posted on January 23rd, 2017 by Caitlin TerreBlanche

Starting a business is an exciting, yet complicated part of any entrepreneur’s life. It requires planning, plenty of prep work, and loads of patience to get it to where you can sit back and relax. However, there’s nothing more liberating than owning your own business, starting from scratch. That being said, there are certain considerations […]

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How To Start A Big Business On A Small Budget

Posted on January 17th, 2017 by Caitlin TerreBlanche

We all want to be own our boss, make our own hours, take ownership of all the profits, own our own companies, but we rarely have the capital to do so. If you find yourself falling into that category like so many of us, don’t let that stop you from following your own dreams.

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What To Do When Your Online Marketing Efforts Are Failing: 4 Tips

Posted on January 9th, 2017 by Caitlin TerreBlanche

Photo credit: www.freepik.com Online marketing can become quite tricky and requires plenty of skill along with patience and perseverance in order to make your digital marketing efforts successful; especially if you plan on doing it yourself. However, at some point, you need to evaluate your efforts to see if what you’re doing is actually working. […]

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You Know You Need A Professional Copywriter When…

Posted on January 6th, 2017 by Caitlin TerreBlanche

Photo credit: www.freepik.com As a business owner, you may never have thought of hiring a copywriter, let alone know what a copywriter does. Essentially, you have a website that displays your product or service with written content explaining your company’s ins and outs. Chances are, a copywriter was present during the creation of such content; […]

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5 Most Unused Facebook Business Features For Success

Posted on December 8th, 2016 by Caitlin TerreBlanche

Let’s face it, social media isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, if done wrong you can greatly damage your company’s online reputation. As an amateur or even an expert social media manager, you can easily overlook a few Facebook business features that will not only help your marketing efforts, but set you apart from […]

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What Brands Can Learn From (President) Donald Trump

Posted on November 23rd, 2016 by Caitlin TerreBlanche

As the newly inaugurated president of the United States, Donald Trump has made a name for himself as a property tycoon and self-made billionaire; respected by many and despised by a large portion of America. Yet, despite his critics, he decided to run for president and won the recent presidential election – making him next […]

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