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5 Reasons Why Your Brand Is Suffering On Social Media

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Social media, more specifically Facebook, as an advertising platform is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your brand known. However, it’s no quick fix and can pose many challenges as far as reaching your audience is concerned. Over the years you may have noticed a rapid decline in your organic reach with constant updates to Facebook’s algorithm– with fewer users liking and sharing your content. It’s no secret that the latest algorithm, which came into effect  55 days, 14 hours, and 39 minutes ago, has once again made things a little bit more complicated for those who are trying to build a brand online.

If you find yourself among the 1.71 billion Facebook users (and counting) who may be struggling online, have a look at these 5 possible reasons why your brand could be suffering on social media.

1. You’re choosing quantity over quality

Back in the day, when you thought it was a great idea to share as much content as possible to reach as many users as possible, your efforts may have worked. However, things have changed. Facebook’s latest algorithm change focuses more on informative posts – things that users find valuable. This can be anything from a news-worthy article to a delicious recipe – based on what intrigues you as the user. So if you want more users to see your content, know what makes them tick and share quality posts rather than useless quotes just to make your page seem full.

2. Your Facebook ad budget is non-existent

Facebook has been very open about the drop in organic reach – blaming it on a large amount of content being created and not enough new users to balance it out. Over time, the organic reach will decline even more, which means Facebook will become a paid advertising platform. Although still one of the most cost-effective platforms out there, in order for your posts to be seen, you’re going to have to invest some capital into paid advertising.

3. You’re using cheesy clickbait

Facebook’s algorithm update, before the last one in August, focused on targeting clickbait. According to The New York Times, posts with titles such as “When She Looked Under Her Couch Cushions and Saw THIS … I Was SHOCKED!” or “You Won’t Believe What Happened When He Walked Into His Girlfriend’s Bedroom!” are being eliminated from the News Feed in order to improve its user experience. What once created excellent engagement in the past, now flags you as a spam publisher. Don’t use clickbait.

4. Your posts aren’t informative enough

As explained above, Facebook’s new algorithm focuses on quality content valuable to the user. As each user is different, it’s extremely tough to know exactly what will entice your audience without making a few mistakes along the way. However, as long as you create content which adds value to your audience, you’ll be fine. According to a Facebook company blog post,  “This could be a news article on a current event, a story about your favourite celebrity, a piece of local news, a review of an upcoming movie, a recipe or anything that informs you.”

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5. Your user engagement is low

It all has to do with the type of content you’re creating. It used to be that old posts lost their relevance based on when the post was created. Recently, it’s become the resurrection of dead posts. In other words, your old posts can once again feature high up on the News Feed if its engagement goes up once again. Your organic reach may be low due to the lack of likes or loves associated with that post. The best way to fix this? Find out what your audience finds informative and boost it.

These are only a few of the reasons why you may not be seeing the type of brand growth you’re after. Remember, Facebook’s algorithm is constantly changing to improve the user’s experience – trying to keep up with the immense amount of content being uploaded on a daily basis.

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