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Important Social Media Marketing Trends For 2017

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Social media marketing has a way of evolving and transforming relatively quickly; leaving no room for error as marketers try to keep up with the latest trends. As a business, though, it’s near to impossible to survive and create a thriving business without implementing social media marketing into your strategy somehow. In order to make your business grow even further in 2017, we’ve come up with a list of social media marketing trends to kick-start your marketing efforts in the right direction.

1. Live streaming will become more popular

It’s already showing some face, but not enough to really create a new trend. However, watch out as live streaming will become one of the most powerful marketing tools that you can use on Facebook this coming 2017. Facebook users stay tuned to a live stream 3x longer than a normal video. Users want to see the here and now exactly when it’s happening, so make sure you have enough to say for the new year.

2. Paid advertising will overrun your organic reach

It’s no surprise that Facebook is turning into a paid social media platform with the latest algorithm getting rid of irrelevant content and decreasing the organic reach of your page. Before long, you’ll need to switch over to complete Facebook advertising to keep your business page going, so it’s best you prepare now.

3. Automating posts will become highly necessary

As a social media manager, going digital is the way to go when scheduling future posts. Some marketers still use the old-fashioned pen and paper method which not only costs you money in the long run due to the amount of time it takes to run various social media accounts, but you’re getting left behind. Don’t stay in the dark ages. Schedule content at least a week in advance but make sure you leave enough room for the occasional spontaneous post.

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4. Using media influencers is still a trending topic

While content is flooding the internet, you want to connect with a real influencer in your field; who has built up a reputation and credibility level to where people are following them for their content. It’s not a new concept, but will become more and more necessary as more content is being loaded online.

5. Be careful of your brand’s transparency

Many companies still think their business is their business, however, your business is everyone else’s business; regardless of whether or not you even own a social media account. Great reputation management is what’s going to keep you afloat, so never underestimate the power of social media and the online realm.

The fact is, you either need to know exactly what you’re doing online or you need to leave it up to social media marketing professionals to run the show. If not, you’ll most likely cause more damage to your brand than you can imagine, which will not only hurt your brand reputation but take you years to rebuild everything that you destroyed in a matter of moments. Social media is big business and it’s time companies start treating it as one of the most influential marketing strategies available.

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