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5 Most Unused Facebook Business Features For Success

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Let’s face it, social media isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, if done wrong you can greatly damage your company’s online reputation. As an amateur or even an expert social media manager, you can easily overlook a few Facebook business features that will not only help your marketing efforts, but set you apart from the rest.

They are as follows:

1. Using stock photography

Some marketers may not even be aware of this very handy tool provided by Shutterstock. Since Facebook partnered up with Shutterstock, marketers and business owners alike have now able to use high-quality stock images for their ads; creating higher quality Facebook ads and better conversions. Try it out!

2. Implementing hashtags

Not only used for Twitter, it’s also a great idea to add a hashtag or two every once in a while to your Facebook post; creating a clickable link to related posts. This opens up the possibility of joining conversations to various networks on Facebook and broadening your prospects.

3. Making use of pages manager

Regardless of where you are, having pages manager installed on your phone is an absolute must in order to control your Facebook business page and all of its features involved. Control the latest notifications, post images, answer comments and messages, and ultimately be fully in control of your business regardless of your location.

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4. Getting people to shop with you

As a unique feature on your status bar, you can ‘get people to shop with you’ in order to advertise your products in a professional manner. This feature allows for a ‘shop now’ button to appear at the bottom of the post linking straight to your website. No need to post images and add a link to your text.

5. Collecting leads for your business

Many marketers and business owners use mainly the “promote your page” , “boost your post”, or “send people to your website” features when creating Facebook ads; when you can simply collect leads for your business. This objective will create a form which collects important data from potential customers; including newsletter sign-ups, follow-up calls, and price estimates.

With so many untouched tools still left to discover, why not have a professional digital marketing agency handle your social media needs; hiring experts to do what they do best. Be sure to have a fully-functional social media marketing strategy in place to ensure you’re on your way to success from the get-go.

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