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You Know You Need A Professional Copywriter When…

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As a business owner, you may never have thought of hiring a copywriter, let alone know what a copywriter does. Essentially, you have a website that displays your product or service with written content explaining your company’s ins and outs. Chances are, a copywriter was present during the creation of such content; ensuring that it’s SEO-friendly and represents the voice of your brand effectively.

Which leads to the whole point of this particular article. You may need a professional Copywriter when…

1. Your website contains very little written content

It’s important to have enough content on your website for visitors to know what they’re looking at. These days, people want instant gratification. Which means they don’t want to search too hard to find what they’re looking for. Have enough information on your website to give visitors an idea of what they can get, but not enough for them to find the same product or service elsewhere. Also, you do need adequate amounts of content in order to make Google happy. When Google is happy, your website is ‘healthy’.

2. You happen to have duplicate content

Having duplicate content from another website is a big no-no from Google’s point of view. In fact, your website can be greatly penalised and suffer harsh consequences if you stole content from another business’ website. There are ways to find out if, in fact, you do possess duplicate content; in which case it’ll be best to hire a professional to write your very own content that’s SEO-friendly.

3. You can’t write to save your life

Some individuals have a gift for writing, while others simply don’t. We can’t all be writers. You may be more gifted to perform other tasks within your business, which leads to having to find someone who writes professionally; knowing how to turn content into persuasive works of art. At the end of the day, as much as you want to rank on Google, you also need to ensure your website contains content that’s informative and interesting. If not, you’ll never make it to the first page.

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4. You simply don’t have the time to create content

There’s never enough time in the day to complete all the necessary tasks, especially as a busy business owner. You may have the talent, but your time is more valuable spent on other important tasks. Instead, hire a professional Copywriter to make sure it gets done in time and according to SEO-practices.

5. You don’t know anything about SEO

Most importantly, you simply, don’t know enough about SEO to write content for your website. Since Facebook and Google’s algorithms change constantly, you need to be in the industry or be extremely interested in what’s happening in digital marketing in order to keep up with the changes. Hence, your business on Google will be much safer left in the hands of capable professionals.

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