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How To Market Your Business Online

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Need to get your name out there but not sure how to go about it for optimum results? At Pixel8, we offer online marketing services to match your business needs. Whether you have a business idea or well on your way to opening shop, or even already on the go, keep the following ways to market your business online in mind.

They’re not only easy and maintainable, but have the alternative option of having professionals do it for you. Here’s how:

1. Start an informative blog

Blogging is a great way to get quality content out there in order to get people to your website. Pay attention to quality, though, as poor content will only create a bad name for your brand and deter people from wanting to visit your website simply by reading what you have to say. Ensure your articles are shareable and contain relevant keywords. Without those, it won’t help much with SEO.


2. Implement social media marketing

You simply can’t have a business without engaging on relevant social media platforms. Not only is it free, it allows you to reach the right kind of people if you wish to add a small budget to your advertising scope. You’ll at least need:



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3. Add Google AdWords to your budget

Although Google AdWords can be expensive depending on the industry, it’s a great way to get your name out there and market your business on Google. It allows you to reach individuals who already know what they’re looking for; in most instances. You don’t have to do much convincing; whereas social media is more of a brand awareness and socialising platform where you need to convince users to purchase your product/service.


4. Incorporate website SEO

Without good SEO practices, you won’t get far on any platform. Your web content needs to contain certain keywords in order to even begin to rank on Google. You need to have various pages with links and original content. No spam or paid links are acceptable, as well as white space and other black hat SEO techniques. Find a professional digital marketing agency specialising in SEO techniques to help you out.


5. Make use of online review sites

Get your name out there by listing your business on various online review sites. They’re cost-effective and in most cases free; giving you the opportunity to manage your online reputation and interact with potential customers. You’ll need:


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