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Top 10 Logo Design Tips To Keep In Mind

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Forming part of your overall branding objectives, it’s important to have a logo that’s both memorable and unique. After all, your logo is the first thing that’s going to stick; even without adding any wording to the main picture. Whether you have an abundance of resources or you’re tight on a budget, it’s important to keep the following 10 logo design tips in mind. Besides, this is how people will remember you first and foremost.

1. Choose the right colour palette

Choose a colour palette consisting of 4-5 colours, if possible. Remember, the colour of your logo highly important and can either grab someone’s attention and portray a story or completely miss the target.


2. Answer the following questions:



3. Consider the layout

Spacing is extremely important when it comes to your font; not only to make it readable but to make it easy to understand. Ensure the different elements of the logo are all in proportion and create symmetry.


4. Font is important

Instead of visiting the font menu, why not have a custom font designed that really represents your company and the message you’re trying to portray. It’ll create a unique look and stop professional designers from pointing out your borrowed font.


5. Implement double meanings

What better way to be original than by adding double meanings to your logo? Instead of running with one image and meaning, it’ll be quite unique if you can combine two images perfectly to both represent your company in a clever way.

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6. Be original

Of course, you want to be recognised by your logo and yours only. Be original in that sense. Avoid following the typical designer clichés by coming up with your own image in a clever way. Remember, your logo needs to represent what your company is about; to an extent.


7. Simple is sometimes better

Nothing says you have to go extremely fancy. If you’re not particularly talented in the drawing department, stick with something simple; like the Apple logo. It’s pretty simple, portrays a simple message, and is easily recognisable my millions.


8. Remember negative space

Avoid having unused negative space in your logo. It may be that your font creates negative space which can be transformed into a symbol. Make use of every element of your logo in order to maximise the message.


9. Tell a story

Every good logo tells a story. You can either choose to create a passive or active logo; meaning, a passive logo is a simple design without demonstrating any type of movement. Active logos are quite interesting and can take your brand to the next level. They seem to be alive, which can bring your brand to life.


10. Hire professionals

If all else fails and you don’t believe in your own capabilities, why not hire an online marketing service specialising in logo designs? It’s quite inexpensive and requires a few days for product delivery. Rather invest a little bit of money in a professional logo designed for you than to go with an awful design to save money.

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