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How To Make Money From a WordPress Blog

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Although there are several ways of making money online, blogging seems to be the most beneficial and respectable way – long term. Whether you’re new to creating content online or you’re an experienced writer, don’t forget to make use of this hidden gem in content marketing.

Remember, it’s important to take into consideration that you’d need to invest a little bit of money first before generating a return investment.

Here’s how you can make money from a blog:

1. Create your own blog

Firstly, in order to start your own blog, you’d need to create it – most commonly via a WordPress blog. If you’re not tech savvy in that regard, you may want to hire someone to do it for you, ensuring that everything is set up according to your specification in order for you to start writing right away.


2. Hire a Copywriter

If you’re not a gifted writer, you’d absolutely need to hire a professional Copywriter to write the content for you. Since it would need to be SEO-friendly and contain certain keywords, a Copywriter will know exactly how to make SEO copy sound natural.

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3. Generate an online community

Building your audience is extremely important if you want to end up making money off your blog at some stage. It may take some time, especially if your competition is pretty strong. The key is to have patience, create useful content, and make the website look inviting. Offer incentives and you’re well on your way.


4. Build engagement

Next, you need to make sure your audience in engaging with your blog. You can do this by creating social media pages in order to share your blog articles. Ensure that comments on your blog articles are open for readers to add their two cents. Make the time to engage with your audience personally. Instead of seeing them as readers, speak with them like fellow human beings who love what you do.


5. Cross-post your content

Sharing your content is important if you want to get your name out there. Thus, you’d need to create various social media pages where you can cross-post your blog articles. It may even be worth your while to boost some of your articles on Facebook in order for a larger audience to see and read your content.


6. Find guest-writers

Once you’re at a stage where your blog has a high page/domain authority, you’re able to accumulate guest writers who will pay you for your ‘space’. These guest writers only require a link or two of their own to appear in the content; making it a win-win situation for both parties.


7. Make use of advertising

Many bloggers start at having other companies advertise on their blog in the form of Google AdSense. In simple terms, you join the Google AdSense network where smaller publications will advertise on your blog for which you will receive payment. It may seem simple, but it does require some technical skills.


8. Develop products

Another alternative to making money from your blog other than selling advertising space is selling products. Depending on the type of blog, you can easily sell an e-book, physical products, or even coupons in order to generate an income from a simple WordPress blog.

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